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The Triad's Biggest & Best Homebrewing supply store!  Since 2004!

We are your Local Homebrew Shop!

We have many quality ingredients, yeast, & equipment for whatever your Beer Brewing, Wine Making, and Cheese Making needs.  Even distilling!

We also offer classes periodically (schedule is to the right)-------->


Ken is in the shop Mon and Weds.  Available on the "after hours" number for tech support.

Brew Emergency???  We *will* open up the shop FOR YOU if you run out of beer caps, bottles, corks, leaking bucket, etc.  Just give us a call!  If we're in town, we'll try to meet you at the shop!

Homebrewing Class!   Classes are offered on the Saturday out front of the shop.  Dress for the weather!   We will start around Noon and finish about 3:00 pm.  The process is "all-grain" but we keep it simple and good.  As a bonus, last months beer is used for a kegging demonstration so we can all sample beer while we make beer!  There is a $25 per person class fee.  SPACE IS LIMITED. You must Pre-register On-Line on the schedules to right.  

We will have brauts and burgers.  This is NOT covered by tuition.  Please be prepared to make a "love offering".  If you can not contribute, we will gladly feed you and not turn you away from the table.  Please join us either way!

Cheese Making Class!  

We will have a Cheese Making Class sheduled on the right----->.              The primary topic will be making Mozzarella cheese. This is a hands-on class.  There is a small fee of $25 per person.  Space is limited to 4 (or 2 couples) so it fills up fast.  You *MUST* pre-register in advance On-Line on the schedules to the right.** PLEASE BRING A GALLON OF LOWES WHOLE MILK (the store brand) TO THE DEMO**.

Advanced Cheese.  We will make 4 different kinds of cheese and start a hard cheese.  Come back later and pick up your hard cheese a few days later for aging in your fridge!   Advance registration required, $99.  Starts at 9:30 am, runs until at latest 3 pm.  SPACE IS LIMITED to 2 (one couple) and is a private class!!!

BASIC Wine Making Class!  Classes are offered periodically.  The next class is scheduled as listed to the right --->.  We will start a new wine kit.  This wine kit will be one of the Grand Cru kits from RJ Spagnols.  Possibly sample wine(s) from previous kit(s).  Sometimes demonstrate filtering and bottling.  The goal is to cover the simplicity of the process and will typically take about 15  - 45 minutes, depending on what we do.  It is a very basic class.   There is a $10 fee.  Due to the need for preparation,  you *MUST* pre-register in advance by calling the shop number.  Keep in mind the wine demo is the shortest and least involved of all the classes. 




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336-549-5878 After Hours

Spring Hours:

Monday  10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 5:30 pm

Wednesday 10 am - 5:30 pm

Thursday 10 am - 6 pm

Friday 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday 11 am - 4 pm


Brew Class Demo for beer Saturday Noon'ish, OUTSIDE THE SHOP.  Pre-registration on-line is required.  Click on the date you want to schedule.

Beer Brewing ($25) Noon - 3:30 pm

Apr 19th


Basic Cheese Making Class ($25)  On Saturday,  if there is demand.  Info to the left, 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm, on the same days as the brew demos.  This is a one afternoon class.   Saturday classes fill up quickly.  Pre-registration is absolutely required ON-LINE.  Space is very limited (4 people) due to hands-on-nature of the class.  ** PLEASE BRING A GALLON OF LOWES WHOLE MILK (the store brand) TO THE DEMO**. And you favorite fresh herbs for cheese (such as Chives and DIll).

Make sure that you make *one* and only *one* reservation for EACH person attending.

Click on Desired date to check availability and to reserve:

Apr 19th


Advanced Cheese! ($99)

Pre-registration is absolutely required.

By appointment only.  Call for availability.

None scheduled.


Wine Demo  ($10) Sunday  at 1 pm - 2 pm in the shop when demand warrants.  More info to the left. Pre-registration is absolutely required.

None scheduled.


We have all your needs for Beer Brewing and Wine Making.  We are the only locally owned, Family operated Home Brew Shop in the Triad.  We make our own beer and wine and we know brewing!

Price Match:  We will match any ordinary price from anywhere!  Excludes closeout, specials and e-Bay.  Errors can and will occur in our catalog - please don't ask us to honor errors.

Special Orders:  If you can wait for the next regular truck ( 1 or 2 weeks), there is no charge for special orders picked up at our shop.

All Brew Club Members (Beer  / AHA / Wine / etc) get a 10% discount on all purchases everyday.  Just mention that you are a member of a club.

We offer "bulk" discounts to those who wish to partner with us to help buy things like pallets of wine bottles, sacks of grain, and other "big" "bulky items.  Just ask us and we'll give you a quote!

Holiday Hours:   Closed Thanksgiving and the day after;  Christmas day and the day after, and New Years Day.